Tom Who

About Tom

Tom has always loved putting on a show. As a kid he produced puppet shows and musicals where he wrote the lyrics to songs from a Liberace album, and used crayons and his mother's white bed sheets to create colorful backdrops for a production of The Nutcracker. Mom was not too pleased about the sheets. But she was pleased when he was cast in a local production of The Fantastiks when he was 16.

After graduating from high school, Tom joined The Young Americans and sang and danced his heart out for a year before moving to New York City to pursue acting. There he appeared in several Off-Broadway plays — one of which gained him prominent publicity in gay magazines like The Advocate — and was signed by an agent. To earn money he began working with personal computers and became fascinated with digital graphics software just emerging at the time. That led him to start his own graphics design business where he worked with some of the top companies in New York City (Citibank, Grey Global, Revlon and others) for two decades.

But then a quirky 6-second video app called Vine appeared and Tom began creating short comedy sketches, reawakening his love of performing. When Vine was shut down he found a new home on, which was eventually purchased by TikTok, and that's when some of his more elaborate comedy videos went viral.

Responding to fans after receiving many compliments on his relaxing, soothing voice, Tom began experimenting with ASMR in 2021. The response was so strong he created an ASMR channel on YouTube and his ASMR livestreams on TikTok started attracting hundreds (and often thousands) of viewers every night. Combining his two identities, he began creating ASMR comedy sketches that have also gone viral on TikTok.

Today Tom has a loyal community of nearly 500,000 followers on TikTok and 14,000 subscribers on YouTube, and has begun working with companies on unique, branded content. He lives in Vancouver, Canada, with his husband, who makes very occasional (and very brief) appearances in his livestreams.

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